Amanda Hibschman (she/her, @amandathedietition) is an award winning San Diego based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about making food FUN! From cooking in clients homes, to developing menus, to teaching culinary techniques, to working with clients 1:1 to develop a healthy relationship with food. Amanda loves helping others find peace with food through mindful and intuitive eating techniques and provides weight neutral medical nutrition therapy for various conditions, including diabetes, renal disease, eating disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders. Amanda works with Athletes and Artists fuel themselves to reach peak performance while loving and honoring their bodies. When Amanda is not in the kitchen or the office, she enjoys singing, dancing, and acting. Amanda regularly performs throughout San Diego with Encore Vocal Ensemble and is an accomplished marathoner who runs with the Potterhead Running Club (a Harry Potter themed virtual running club).


Host: Emily Stamets (she/her, @theemilystamets)

Original Music: Jaclyn S. O'Connor

Graphics: Tiffany Spence

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