In this episode, I speak with Margaret Dilloway (she/her) about using improv to work through social anxiety, the connections between performing and novel-writing, and the value of YES, AND.

Margaret Dilloway is the author of 8 novels for adults and children, including the American Library Award-winning MOMOTARO: XANDER AND THE LOST ISLAND OF MONSTERS and THE CARE AND HANDLING OF ROSES WITH THORNS. She writes in the genres of contemporary and historical women’s fiction; middle grade fantasy; and middle grade contemporary.  Descended from samurai and coal miners, Dilloway incorporates themes about the intersections of race, class, and culture within families and communities, as well as invisible disabilities.

In her spare time, Dilloway loves performing long-form improv, hiking, baking, and trying to achieve a pull-up. She lives in San Diego with her family.


Host: Emily Stamets

Original Music: Jaclyn S. O'Connor

Graphics: Tiffany Spence

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